FloriWorld, the newest attraction dedicated to Flowers and Plants in the Netherlands, is ready to open!

First as an online experience, and next, at the physical location in Aalsmeer, as soon as possible. We will be opening our doors to anyone who loves the richness of flowers and plants. Celebrate this happy moment with us online on Thursday 21 May, Ascension Day. The broadcast runs from 14:00 to 20:00. The Online Opening will take the form of a broadcast show to welcome as many worldwide participants to FloriWorld as we can.

During this interactive broadcast, viewers get a dazzling preview of the magical experiences happening in FloriWorld. Different regions and target groups are featured every half hour. Special guests and various famous locals will take you into the enchanting world of flowers and plants. The Online Opening is also the start of the Virtual Tour of FloriWorld, a 360° tour with clickable buttons created by the team behind FloriWorld. Under each interactive button, viewers can find more information, videos and facts pertaining to FloriWorld. Viewers can also select all kinds of nice extras, such as joining FloriFriends, to get exclusive looks at FloriWorld. The Virtual Tour is available from 21 May at 14:00. More information about all online activities will be available on our website www.floriworld.nl and our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). On these platforms, visitors can read ways that they can participate in this Online Opening and where the Virtual Tour can be found. Soon everyone across the Netherlands will be invited to actively participate in this great remote party from the comfort of their homes.

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For more info about the online opening contact:
Marleine van de Lagemaat
+31 615204224