Open the door to the magical world of plants and flowers at the FloriWorld experience this summer

We all enjoy it from the spring to the summer. It’s Holland at its most beautiful. Pictures of our fields of flowers, full of tulips, hyacinths, lilies, dahlias, and gladioli will fly around the world and go just as viral as the selfies taken by the influencers among them. They’re our national tourist draw for a reason – flowers are hot. And now we can add a new hotspot to that in good conscience, with a great many plants and flowers: the ‘personal experience museum’ from FloriWorld has been open since 2 July 2021 and will draw you into ‘our’ magical world.

Feel the magic
FloriWorld is a unique personal experience concept. It’s neither a museum nor an amusement park. It’s a place where you, the visitor, are part of the show, as you don’t just look at art here – you’re part of it. In this magical and colorful dream world, you’ll experience the magic of plants and flowers in a range of shows. Real plants and flowers are interwoven with the high-tech virtual world, so you’ll literally be embraced by a sea of flowers. You’ll go on a journey of discovery for plants that you might never even have heard of in that whole world of plants out there. One moment you are a guest at Daan and Xue’s wedding, and a visitor putting in a bid at the hectic flower auction the next. All the shows and spaces are so photogenic, with plenty of room for some very Instagrammable content.

Flower Power parade
To celebrate the opening and get visitors in the mood beforehand, FloriWorld is organizing a Flower Power cycling parade on Tuesday 17 August. This colorful parade in bloom, with 13 unique cycling plant and flower artworks, will take the flower pageant back to Aalsmeer with a new look. Each artwork represents FloriWorld’s artistic interaction, among other things. The cycling artworks will be riding from the Dam in Amsterdam to FloriWorld in Aalsmeer via Amstelveen. Flowers will be handed out along the way, with a free entry ticket for this summer.

Would you like to ride along with the Flower Power Cycling Parade? Sign up for free via!
For more info about the Flower Power Cycling Parade, check out our event page on Facebook.