Visitor Terms and Conditions

Visitor Terms and Conditions FloriWorld

By visiting FloriWorld, you declare that you agree to these visitor terms and conditions

1. General

Visiting FloriWorld is at the visitor’s own risk. Parents and others accompanying children
are responsible for the behaviour of children under their supervision. Instructions given by our staff
must be followed at all times. Waste should only be disposed of in the waste bins
provided. Visitors who do not adhere to our Visitor Terms and Conditions or who (threaten to)
disturb the peace may be refused access or asked to leave. In such cases, the visitor
has no right to compensation.

2. Access

In order to visit FloriWorld, you must be in possession of a valid admission ticket. During your visit
you must be able to produce your valid ticket upon request by one of our staff members. Admission tickets are valid only on the date
of issue and during the specified time slot (if a time slot is specified on the admission ticket) and loses its validity
upon departure from FloriWorld. FloriWorld reserves the right to refuse
persons access at any time, for instance, if persons are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
or if, in the opinion of FloriWorld, they (threaten to)
disturb the peace.

3. Safety

Visitors are strictly forbidden to enter spaces where it has been indicated that
they are staff access only. Carrying weapons or other dangerous
items (in the opinion of our staff) is prohibited. The use of drugs
at FloriWorld is prohibited.

4. Articles Brought to FloriWorld

Scooters, (child’s) bicycles, skates and any other transportation equipment are prohibited
at FloriWorld. Wheelchairs and children’s buggies, prams, etc are permitted, unless
they compromise the safety of visitors. Bringing or consuming food and beverages
is prohibited.

5. Pets

Pets are not allowed into FloriWorld. FloriWorld has no facilities to look after
pets during your visit. Guide dogs for the blind are permitted entry upon production of an approval certificate (see
also under point 21).
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6. Clothing and Shoes

Visitors are obliged to cover the upper and lower body and wear shoes.

7. Photography, Filming & Privacy

Photography and filming is permitted. You can also take photographs of yourself at FloriWorld using
equipment belonging to FloriWorld. You can email them to yourself. FloriWorld
may wish to use photographs for publication or promotional purposes. Should this be the case, FloriWorld will contact you
and ask for your permission. For FloriWorld’s Privacy Statement, please see our website.
Copies are available from Reception upon request.

8. Attractions

FloriWorld comprises a number of consecutive attractions, whereby, in principle, you decide
how much time you spend in each. When it is very busy, the visiting time per attraction may be limited and
you are kindly requested to follow any instructions to proceed to the next attraction.

9. Damage

FloriWorld undergoes constant maintenance. Visitors confronted by
an unsafe situation or any damage are kindly requested to report the matter to a staff member as soon as possible
so that appropriate action can be taken. We also ask visitors to report any damage
(inadvertently) caused by themselves. Deliberate damage may be recovered from the visitor
under the civil code.

10. Liability

The visitor accepts that FloriWorld is not liable for any damages caused to the visitor
unless the damage is the direct result of intent on the part of FloriWorld
or one of its employees. The same is the case for items given to FloriWorld for safekeeping.
A visitor who suffers damage during the visit to FloriWorld should report this
to Reception before leaving FloriWorld. Compensation for damages relating to a report made at a later time
is precluded.
The exemption from liability does not apply in so far as FloriWorld
receives compensation from an insurer or other third party in relation to
the said damage.

11. Promotion and Sales

The promotion or sale of services or products at FloriWorld or on the premises of
FloriWorld is prohibited, unless prior written permission has
been given by FloriWorld.

12. Parking

Limited free parking is available on the premises of FloriWorld. FloriWorld cannot guarantee that
a parking space will always be available.

13. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited at FloriWorld.

14. Catering

The Veneca Terms and Conditions apply to our catering facilities. These are available from Reception
upon request. The consumption of food or beverages during your visit is prohibited.

15. Toilet Use

The visitor is advised that there are no toilets available during the tour
of the attractions. In principle, it is not possible to interrupt the tour and
then resume it.
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16. Children and Supervision

Children under the age of 12 must be under the supervision of an adult at all times during the visit.

17. Tickets

Purchased individual tickets for a specific date or time slot cannot
be cancelled or rebooked. Unused tickets will not be refunded. Group Bookings
(of 15 persons or more) may be cancelled or rebooked up to seven days prior to the
specified visiting date. Discounts or special offers announced after a booking has been made cannot be grounds for restitution.

20. Wheelchairs

FloriWorld is wheelchair-friendly, but only a limited number of wheelchairs is permissible
per time slot.

21. Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs and guide dogs for the blind are welcome at FloriWorld after reporting to Reception.